Department of Applied Bioengineering

Cultivating Creative Experts in
Applied Bioengineering

The Program in Applied Bioengineering performs a wide range of cutting-edge interdisciplinary academic study encompassing radiological science, biophysics, medical engineering, radiopharmacology, radiochemistry, nanotechnology and exploit the new applied bioengeneering fields by converging a variety of traditional academic major such as medicine, physics, pharmacy, chemistry, nuclear engineering, electricity and electronic engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, and so on. We provide the education and practice for the students to become core human resources. We also perform the creative study to make the students be the talent pool who nurture the international and domestic industries of radiation and medical appliances. The Graduate program in Department of Applied Bioengineering of Graduate School of Convergence Science, Seoul National University has the educational purpose to foster the world-class high-quality human resources who have the interdisciplinary expertise, capability for combination of those knowledges, and creative research skills. They are expected to lead the future interdisciplinary studies oriented convergence science and technology of Applied Bioengineering field.

Educational Objectives