Directions and Transportation

Gwanggyo Campus

  • GwanggyoJungang(Ajou Univ.), Shinbundang line Exit 3 and go straight for 450meter, cross the crosswalk at docheungro Intersection go 90meter to the right
Bus Transportation
  • Gangnam Station M5414/M5422/3002 [Gwanggyo Techno Valley]
  • Sadang Station 7002 [Gwanggyo Techno Valley]
  • Seoul Station M5115, M5121[Gwanggyo Techno Valley]
  • Etc 7, 7-1, 60, 77-1, 660, 700, 700-1, 700-2, 720, 720-1, 720-2
East Suwon I.C
  • Drive to the Gyungbu highway for Busan.
  • Exit at East Suwon I.C.
  • Refer to the above map from driving directions from East Suwon I.C.
  • Contact us if details are needed.

Campus Map App

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