Title: Recent display applications using Cd-free colloidal QDs

Speaker: Jiwan Kim, Professor (Department of Advanced Materials Engineering, Kyonggi University)

Date & Time: 2016. 11. 09. 수요일 17:00

Where: 융대원 D-122호



Recently, colloidal quantum dots (QDs) have received wide attention due to their unique optical and electrical properties for various applications, ranging from displays to biomarkers.Especially, a size-tunable color spectra with a narrow bandwidth as well as high quantum yield make QDs as a promising material for future display applications.While the performance of QLEDs has been upgraded dramatically by leading groups, a future task is the substitution of Cd-based QDs by less toxic materials.

In this presentation, various display applications using Cd based QDs will be presented.Afterwards, highly efficient InP based muitishell colloidal QDs were used for an emission layer for traditional or semitransparent QLEDs. Additionally, the performance and stability of QD-LED on flexible substrates were tested for flexible display applications.The performance of our eco-friendly semitransparent or flexible device is not matched with traditional Cd based QLEDs yet, but it shows the great potential for various window-type information displays.




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