Title: Interfacial phenomena between conjugated organic molecules and noble metals

Speaker: Ju-Hyung Kim Professor(Department of Chemical Engineering, Ajou University)

Date & Time: 2017. 2. 13. 월요일 16:00-18:00

Where: 융대원 D-123호



Understanding interfacial interaction between conjugated organic molecules and noble metals is of great importance not only for surface science, but also for various fields of science and engineering in relation to organic epitaxy, the architecture of intermolecular networks or nanostructures, and organic electronics. In recent years, it has been recognized that interfacial contacts between conjugated organic molecules and metal electrodes play roles as important as molecular functionality in organic electronics. Properties of interfacial geometric and electronic structures and their related phenomena thus have attracted a lot of interests for their potential in various electronic and optoelectronic applications, and extensive efforts have been devoted to understand and control organic/metal interfaces. Particularly, balancing of various interactions at the organic/metal interfaces, such as surface-molecule and intermolecular interactions, determines the formation of intermolecular networks and organic epitaxy, hiving a strong correlation with the interfacial electronic structures. In this context, how to understand and control interfacial interactions and their related phenomena is one of today’s challenging issues.
In this talk, recent research using scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy (STM/STS) for investigating and tailoring various interfacial interactions of conjugated molecules on the noblest gold (Au) surface will be mainly discussed. Single-molecule studies using STM/STS have contributed to revealing interfacial electronic and geometric structures at the organic/metal interfaces in detail, providing improved knowledge of orbital interactions in weak adsorption of conjugated organic molecules on the Au surface. Based on these findings, the formation of two-dimensional molecular networks with conjugated cores achieved by the subtle balance of interfacial interactions also will be discussed in this talk.



서울대학교 화학생물공학부 학사[2007.2]
서울대학교 화학생물공학부 석사[2009.2]
동경대학교 Advanced Materials Science 박사[2012.9]



부경대학교 화학공학과, 조교수 [2014.9.1~2016.3.31]

큐슈대학교 최첨단 유기광 일렉트로닉스 연구 센터(Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research (OPERA))
▪ World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) Program 소속 학술연구원[2014.5.1~2014.8.31]
▪ Chemical Materials Evaluation and Research Base (CEREBA) Project 소속 학술연구원[2013.11.1 ~ 2014.4.30]

연세 대학교 융합 기술 연구원
▪ Flexible/Stretchable Electronics and Materials Laboratory 박사 후 연구원[2013. 4. 1 ~ 2013. 9. 29]

가천 대학교 가천 바이오나노 센서 연구 센터
▪ Organic Electronics Laboratory 박사 후 연구원[2012.10.1. ~ 2013.9.30]

이화학연구소 (RIKEN)
▪ 표면 및 계면 과학 연구실 (Surface and Interface Science Laboratory) International Program Associate (IPA) Program 소속 Doctoral Research Fellow[2009.9.23 ~ 2012.9.22]

가천대학교 가천 바이오나노 센서 연구 센터
▪ Organic Electronics Laboratory 연구원[2009.3.1. ~ 2009.9.30]

이화학연구소 (RIKEN)
▪ 초분자 과학 연구실 (Supramolecular Science Laboratory) Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center (JISTEC) 연구 교환 학생 [2009.1.6 ~ 2009.2.21]


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