Bioimaging and Biophotonics LabProf. Jeongmin Kim

Research areas

#Optical imaging #Advanced optical microscopy methods (superresolution, 3D, high speed) #Computational imaging via AI, localization, deconvolution, etc #Point Spread Function (PSF) engineering #Optical manipulation (tweezer) #Biophotonic device (biosensor, biolaser)

Our lab is focusing on novel optical imaging methods and biophotonic systems. We tackle the limited performance of optical microscopes, such as imaging resolution and 3D imaging speed, through multidisciplinary approaches (based on physics, chemistry, materials science, computer science, etc) and conduct new application research in biology and medicine that was never possible with the existing imaging tools. We also study novel biophotonic devices/systems, including biolasers (a new field of research) and biosensors (based on plasmonics and metamaterials), to advance bio/medical engineering.