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Associate Professor Kim, Changsoon

Organic Electronics and Nanophotonics Laboenl.snu.ac.kr

changsoon@snu.ac.kr02-880-9363 (18-216)031-888-9132 (D-209)

#Chiral optoelectronics #Nanophotonics #Perovskite solar cells #Organic solar cells #Nanofabrication


  • B.S., Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea, 1998
  • M.A., Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, USA, 2000
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, USA, 2005

Professional Experience

  • 2008.8 ~ 2009.2, Research Scientist, Duke University, USA
  • 2005.4 ~ 2008.7, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Duke University, USA

Selected Publications

  • High-performance circular-polarization-sensitive organic photodetectors based on a chiral plasmonic nanocavity, H. Kim, K. R. Park, C. Kim*, Optics Express (2020).
  • Selective crack suppression during deformation in metal films on polymer substrates using electron beam irradiation, S.-Y. Lee, K. R. Park, S.-g. Kang, J.-H. Lee, E.-c. Jeon, C.-H. Shim, J. P. Ahn, D.-I. Kim, H. N. Han, Y.-C. Joo*, C. Kim*, I.-S. Choi*, Nature Communications 10, 4454 (2019).
  • Efficient planar-heterojunction perovskite solar cells fabricated by high-throughput sheath-gas-assisted electrospray, S. Han, H. Kim, S. Lee, C. Kim*, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 7281, (2018).
  • Analysis and optimization of surface plasmon-enhanced organic solar cells with a metallic crossed grating electrode, E. Lee and C. Kim*, Optics Express 20 (S5), A740-A753 (2012).
  • Integrated optical approach to trapped ion quantum computation, J. Kim* and C. Kim, Quantum Information & Computation 9 (3&4), 0181-0202 (2009).
  • Organic photovoltaic cell in lateral-tandem configuration employing continuously-tuned microcavity sub-cells, C. Kim* and J. Kim, Optics Express 16 (24), 19987-19994 (2008).
  • Micropatterning of organic electronic devices by cold-welding, C. Kim, P. E. Burrows, S. R. Forrest*, Science 288 (5467), 831-833 (2000).