Former GSCST Deans

First DeanDr. Yang Hee Choi2009. 03. 01 ~ 2011. 02. 28

The First Step of Convergence Research

GSCST was first conceived in 2008, from the collective motivation to create a new type of knowledge that surpasses existing barriers among different academic areas. A year later in 2009, GSCST admitted students in three convergence studies programs (Nano Science and Technology, Digital Contents and Information Studies, and Intelligent Systems) and a program in Molecular Medicine and Biopharmaceutical Science. Dr. Choi pioneered a new course in convergence education and research as the first dean of the school.

Former Minister, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning


Computer Science and Computer Networks


B.S., Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University
M.S., Electrical Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Ph.D., Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications (ENST), France

Research Areas

Internet / Wireless mobile network / Local / Home area network

Second DeanDr. Cheol Soo Ahn2011. 06. 01 ~ 2012. 09. 20

Expanding the Base of Convergence Education

Dr. Ahn integrated four convergence programs, including the newly launched Biomedical Radiation Sciences, into a consolidated department of Transdisciplinary Studies. He solidified the foundation of growth for school as he encouraged the interdisciplinary research framework across majors and put together fieldwork curricula coupled with entrepreneurial thinking.

Former Member of the National Assembly


Entrepreneurial Management


M.D., Seoul National University College of Medicine
M.S., Physiology, Seoul National University
Ph.D., Physiology, Seoul National University
M.S.E., Management of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, USA
M.B.A., Entrepreneurial Management, Universi

Research Areas

Entrepreneurial Management / Management of Technology / Physiology

Third DeanDr. Nam Jun Kang2012. 10. 08 ~ 2014. 09. 30

Settling the Course of Convergence Education

GSCST has been successfully nominated as one of the institutions for Brain Korea 21 Program for Leading Universities & Students. Moreover, Dr. Kang has expanded a diverse array of academic base and curricula, as he increased the members of faculty from various background. It was at this time that GSCST has established its vision to aim for the leading institution of the transdisciplinary convergence research.

Former Professor, Seoul National University


Digital Communication


B.A., Seoul National University College of Education
M.A., Broadcasting, Syracuse University, USA
Ph.D., Communication, Syracuse University, USA

Research Areas

Broadcasting Effects / Research Methodology / Quantitative Method / Digital Communication

Fourth-Fifth DeanDr. Sang Eun Kim2014. 10. 01 ~ 2018. 09. 30

Growing as the Leading Convergence Institution

As of 2016, GSCST has rapidly grown as a school of 31 faculty members and 419 full-time students. It has revised its rules and organization for sustainable growth, and promoted a wider array of cooperation with international institutions. GSCST is now ready for a leap for the future as it aims higher.

Present Professor, Seoul National University


Biomedical Radiation Sciences


M.D., Seoul National University College of Medicine
M.S., Seoul National University
Ph.D., Seoul National University

Research Areas

Nanomolecular Imaging / Nanomolecular Chemistry